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Construction Industry Forensic Accounting

The construction industry is thriving in many areas of the country. Yet, every project—from a small office to a large retail development—is complex, involving numerous parties. Because of how many people are involved and the various facets of these projects, there are myriad opportunities for fraud, embezzlement, and other financial irregularities. These can happen on a small scale (though they add up) or on a widespread basis.

At Hovland Forensic & Financial, we offer construction industry forensic accounting services to help ensure you are always on top of what’s happening within your projects. Our extensive construction project accounting experience enables us to provide you with exceptional access to the support you need when managing the financials of any construction project.

Some potential sources of financial strife may include:

  • Inflated, inaccurate invoices
  • Contract breaches
  • Construction embezzlement of funds
  • Project delays or disruptions
  • Timeline and project scope changes
  • Cost overruns (documented and undocumented)
  • Using substandard materials
  • Dishonesty in communications about status or scope
  • Missing documentation of inspections, work performance, financial management, etc.

How Can Our Construction Industry Forensic Accounting Services Help You?

When it comes to embezzlement investigation, construction companies often find themselves facing complex situations. Did someone lie? Was it an honest mistake? In most cases, you just need to find out what happened and how it happened. Our team’s goal—and that of our construction embezzlement investigator—is to discover the truth. Other times, our team works with you to determine why your financials are not in order or how a project prematurely ran out of funding.

Count on our team to conduct the necessary investigations to learn about how well internal controls are used. We perform transaction analysis to determine what occurred and how it did. By reviewing the complexities of your documentation and records, we can give insight into fraud, costly mistakes, and who should take responsibility for them.

We then compile a report for you on our findings. We can also offer litigation support when it is applicable. That includes whether a company has claims against another or is working to defend itself when claims are made against it.

Why Choose a Company With Forensic and Financial Expertise for Your Needs?

Whether you are conducting a routine investigation to ensure your financials are in order or are working with an attorney to understand what has occurred within your organization, call upon Hovland Forensic & Financial. We have the expertise to help you determine exactly what’s occurring, so you gain the information necessary to make better decisions or you can head to court with confidence.

Contact Hovland Forensic & Financial today for all of your construction forensic accounting needs. We’re here to answer your questions.

An expert review of the estate’s accounting is critical to determine if the estate has experienced fraud. Our estate knowledge allows us to provide you with that expert review. 

Let us assist you in your forensic accounting needs