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Economic Consulting

Economic consulting is a critical service needed by many organizations and law firms. It’s essential to understand the importance of potential financial implications to your organization resulting from complex legal matters.

With this information, you can determine the best legal and negotiating strategies for moving forward in any situation. Whether you are facing labor disputes or corporate litigation, Hovland Forensic & Financial can offer insight and support to help minimize financial risks for your organization.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Firm for Economics Company Consulting?

Working with an economic consulting company such as Hovland Forensic provides clear benefits to organizations. Consider what could happen if these complicated financial and legal matters were not managed with the utmost care and attention to detail. What could your company lose in terms of financial viability and legal ownership?

With our skills and insights, we provide transparency in each situation. We can handle financial investigations for you or give clear insight into what could happen. If your goal is to minimize financial damage or preserve the health of your company, having a respected professional organization like ours helping you to achieve these goals is essential.

Utilizing our firm may save you time and money. It may enable your business to remain profitable. In some situations, it can help ensure investors remain on board.

Take advantage of our economic development consulting services to answer your questions.

  • Disability Income Claims
  • Identifying Sources of Earned Income
  • Analyzing Income Trends
  • Evaluating Business Ownership
  • But-For Method to Determine
  • Pre-Disability Income
  • But-For Method to Calculate Income Earned During Claims


Divorce & Marital Disputes

  • Identification of Marital Assets & Liabilities
  • Tracing of Separate/Marital/Community
  • Property Analysis of the Lifestyle of the Parties; Expenses Allocated, Children, Etc.
  • Income Available for Support/Maintenance
  • Written Report


Liability Losses

  • Analyze & Verify Financial and Operating Records
  • Analyze Lost Profit Claims
  • Identify & Measure Extra Expense with But-For Methods
  • Measure Losses Stemming From Alleged Professional Negligence


Lost Profit

  • Analyze & Verify Financial and Operating Records
  • Analysis of Industry Data to Determine the Effect on Profit Related to the Interruption
  • But-for Method to Determine Pre-Loss Projected Performance Versus Actual Performance
  • Collaborating with Other Experts
  • Written Report & Expert Testimony


Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

  • Past & Future Income Losses
  • Loss of Fringe Benefits
  • Loss of Retirement Benefits
  • Dependency Losses
  • Determination of Uneven Earnings
  • Loss of Unearned Income
  • Loss of Household Services


Lost Wages

  • Past & Future Income Losses
  • Loss of Fringe Benefits
  • Loss of Retirement Benefits
  • Replacement Earnings


Why Choose Hovland Forensic & Financial?

Choosing Hovland Forensic & Financial for your economic consulting needs can ensure your best possible outcome. We’re a highly reputable econ consulting firm, with years of experience helping companies. Depend on us for unparalleled support when you’re facing complex issues.

Contact Hovland Forensic & Financial today to learn how we can help you.

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