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Corporate Finance Services

Our corporate forensic finance services are an extension of our Virtual CFO department. We focus on efforts to improve efficiency of client operations, as well as assisting in turnaround and restructuring services focused primarily on liquidity forecast and cash flow management. Additionally, we assist in helping trustees in the sometimes difficult, time-consuming, and complex accounting related to Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 filings.

Bankruptcy Services:

      • Analyze operational problems and design and implement a turnaround strategy.
      • Organization and Management Evaluation
      • Management advisory services to develop a business plan.
      • Identify actions to resolve financial problems.
      • Due Diligence Forensic Accounting investigations
      • Fraud Examinations Pre-Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Liquidation Issues
      • Emergency Accounting Liquidation
      • Accounting Transaction Support


      • Revenue Growth
      • Forecasting & Cash Flow Modeling
      • Vendor Management
      • Operational Improvement
      • Strategic Assessment
      • Benchmarking
      • Collateral Assessment
      • Debt Restructuring

When Should You Hire Someone for Corporate Forensic Finance Services?

Investing in corporate finance group support isn’t something to delay. If your business is struggling with financial control and oversight, or you are unsure where you stand financially, utilizing corporate finance consulting becomes critical.

Our team works with companies facing all types of financial situations. This includes those needing help structuring and managing cash flow. It also involves working with those going through the complexity required for Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 filings.

Take a moment to consider what financial struggles your company is having. Are you lacking in profit margin with unexplained reasons? Are you seeking revenue growth, but unsure how to achieve it? Our team can also help you with debt restructuring, management of your vendors, and benchmarking, among many other situations.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Expert for These Services?

Utilizing corporate financial accounting and other financial services we offer can lead to numerous benefits for your business. Every company’s needs are different, but our goal remains the same: provide you with information and insight into what your financial options are to aid in the growth of your business.

If struggling financially, we can offer details regarding the “why” and “what” is happening — so you can see how to improve your operations.

Whether your business is heading into a bankruptcy situation and needs to navigate it carefully to maximize shareholder support or you require help developing a business plan for scaling your company, our team creates results. 

Why Entrust Hovland Forensic & Financial for CFO Finance Services?

Who you choose to handle your corporate finance services is critical to your outcome. Partnering with a company that is specialized, dedicated, and experienced matters. When it comes to CFO finance services, or any type of corporate asset finance, good communication and transparency are also big factors. Hovland Forensic & Financial provides an exceptional level of service for you.

Our experience and complete understanding of internal controls help translate into your company’s improved future financial benefits. It’s easy to start. Contact Hovland Forensic & Financial now for a consultation.

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